Kanishtha, India(2018.10)

그것은 매우 놀랍고 재미있는 경험이었어요. 아티스트와 악기들을 멀리서 보는 다른 작은 음악 체험과는 달리 매우  친밀하게 진행되었어요. 우리는 재훈을 통해 한국 민속 악기와 음악의 역사, 그리고 이야기를 접하게 되었고, 그들이 왜, 무엇을 연주하는지 자세히 설명 듣게 되었어요. 우리는 피리와 가야금도 해보았습니다.
우리가 조금 늦었었는데 기다려주셔서 너무감사했습니다. 재훈, 감사합니다!!!
It was so enlightening and the same time fun too. It wasn’t like other small music experiences where you watch the artist and their instruments from a distance but very intimate. We not only got introduced to the instruments and the history of Korean folk music and a talk through everything Jaehoon talked us through every step of the way and elaborated on why and what they were playing. We also got to try the flute and the Gayageum. Even though we were a bit delayed they still waited for us and we were so thankful. Thank you Jaehoon!!!!

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