United States of America, CA, Aurélie(2019.01)

내가 서울에서 했던 일중에 훌륭한 것이었어! 뮤지션들은 정말 멋졌어, 한국음악에 대해 나와 질문을 주고 받으면서 한국음악에 대해 전문적으로 소개도 해줬어! 이 경험은 가까이에서 특별하게 이루어지는데, 뮤지션 도움을 받아서 악기도 연주할 수 있는 기회도 가졌어! 장소는 편안하고 분위기도 환상적이어서 너무 훌륭한 경험이었어. 이 기회를 갖는 것에 확실히 추천하고 싶어!

It was one of the best thing i’ve done in Seoul by far! The guests are really nice and they do not only offer a fantastic and professional exhibition of korean traditional music also answering a lot of questions and giving a lot of context. To experience this kind of thing that close was unique and really touching, we were allowed to play with the instruments under the teaching of MUSICIAN!! The local ia as well cozy and the atmosphere in general was fantastic, really great experience. I recommend to take this chance for sure.

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