Young, Korea(2019.12)

스튜디오 입구 팻말에 저희 이름까지 적어 놓으시고 저희를 위해 차와 간식도 준비 해놓신 것부터 너무 센스 있으셨습니다. 선생님들 두분께서 매우 친절하고 유쾌하게 공연과 수업을 진행해 주셔서 너무 즐거운 경험이었습니다. 저희가 간 수업에는 저희 둘만 있어서 더욱 개인적인 지도를 받았습니다. 중간중간에 저희 소감과 질문도 받아주시며 다양한 국악기를 다루며 여러 곡을 선보이셨습니다. 외국인 친구를 위해 유창한 영어로 진행해 주셨고 공연이 끝난 후에는 단소, 가야금, 장구, 등등 여러 악기를 연주해 볼 기회를 주셨습니다. 외국인, 한국인, 남녀노소 누구나 국악을 더 가깝게 접할수 있는 멋진 경험이었습니다. 국악을 여러 나라 사람들에게 전파하시는 훌륭하신 분들입니다. 감사합니다!

The moment we walked into Jaehoon’s music studio, we were warmly welcomed with our names on a chalkboard sign. That was a nice personal touch. The two hospitable musicians/instructors had prepared some tea and a little Korean snack for us. Because there were only two of us, the performance and class felt very personal. They performed multiple pieces with a variety of instruments, asking us our thoughts in between and receiving our questions. The class was conducted in fluent English by both of the teachers, due to one of us not being able to understand Korean. After the performance, we had plenty of time to try out various instruments, including Danso (Korean flute), Gayageum, Jangoo, etc. Making sound on Danso is quite challenging! We’d highly recommend this fun and moving class to participants of all cultural backgrounds, ages, genders, etc. A big applause to these two very talented musicians who are spreading Korean classical music and making it more approachable to the world!

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